​Home away from home.​

Building the Basics -

for a safe world.

Still Harbor - a network of communities on large ,operating farms around the United States.

Their common goal is to provide refuge during civil crises or natural disasters.  

For instance, extreme events could disrupt food distribution, leading to wide-spread violence. The Still Harbor communities would continue to enjoy commerce, food and water, shelter, and security while living among like-minded neighbors.  

Life in an alternative shelter, if one were even available, would include hardships like:

     -  physical insecurity,

     -  loss of privacy,

     -  impaired housing,

     -  limited food,

     -  diminished mobility,

     -  isolation,

     -  dependency on others, and

     -  impending greater instability.

Imagine enduring such times with no alternative at all.

Our Misson

Still Harbor

In times of trouble - a refuge.